Nintendo is at it again with their memorabilia antics. Fans of our silent hero Zelda would rejoice to hear that The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks for the DS can be purchased in a sturdy (don't take our word for it) and quite awesome tin game box.

Spirit Tracks: Limited Tin Edition is actually a pre-order bonus and is available from Gamestation's parent company GAME. Price tag is set to be £39.99 while the regular Spirit Tracks is £29.99.
After much success on the Nintendo DS system, GTA Chinatown Wars will try its luck on the PSP this coming October 20. Based on its debut trailer, it looks like the game will be using the same story and characters and the same top-view action. The graphics are, of course, better on the PSP. One thing's for sure, we won't be using our stylus to complete mini-games :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghostbusters for the PSP Trailer

I grew up watching Slimer and the rest of the Ghostbusters crew so I hope they don't mess this game up. It looks pretty decent based on the video below, but I'll have to wait for more gameplay before making up my mind.

Ghostbusters for the PSP is set to be released on November 2009.