Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pokemon Phantom Champion Z Movie Trailer

Not really a game post, but slightly related especially so if you're into catching cute pocket monsters. And it's quite fitting due to recent announcements and release of MORE Pokemon games. Below is the trailer for the 13th (yes, there are 12 movies prior this) Pokemon movie, Phantom Champion Z. Hope you guys enjoy it

If you think that Flipnote Studio, a free app for the Nintendo DSi, is good for just quick goofy animations, this video will change your mind. Billy Polard created this video for his own song, Losing Light. Now before you hit that play button, be warned: the video and song is particularly sad ;(

Not really a handheld exclusive, but the fanboy in me just can't help but post about Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. This new spiderman game is set to be released on almost all gaming platforms including the PSP and DS.

Not much detail is available yet about Shattered Dimensions. All we know is from the trailer below. Basically there will be four Spidermans available for play. Those that are revealed are Amazing and Noir Spiderman. We'll post update as soon as it is out!