The immensely popular tower/yard/house/pool/roof game Plants Vs. Zombies by PopCap Games will soon be available on the Nintendo DS. It was recently revealed that PVZ will be released on January next year for $19.95.

All original content will be included for the DS version of Plants Vs. Zombies, plus expect some new levels and features. PopCap did the same whing when they released the port of Peggle on the DS so who knows what madness the DS PVZ will include.

To get you all riled up, here's the theme song for Plants Vs. Zombies.

The award-winning puzzle game for the Nintendo DS is back with an expanded vocabulary. Super Scribblenauts will feature the same Maxwell but with bigger puzzles to solve. Also, new to Super Scribblenauts is the use of adjectives. Wondered what it would be like to summon a red car instead of just a car? Now with Super Scribblenauts you can.

After watching this new Super Scribblenauts trailer from Gamescom 2010 can someone please tell me what a hyper-active viking does?

Retro gamers around the world rejoice! Well, only those with a Nintendo DS should... for Intellivision games will soon invade the DS this coming September!

Classic games such as Astro Smash, Armor Battle, Night Stalker and Shark! Shark! plus a whole lot more will be part of Virtual Play's Intellivision Lives! The DS touchscreen will act as control with custom game overlay.

For those too young to know what Intellivision is, video below shows what we grown ups used to play back in the day.