If you think that Flipnote Studio, a free app for the Nintendo DSi, is good for just quick goofy animations, this video will change your mind. Billy Polard created this video for his own song, Losing Light. Now before you hit that play button, be warned: the video and song is particularly sad ;(



James said...

Wow good job to him he made that video using a Nintendo DSi. I will have to check this Flipnote Studio out on my kids Nintendo DSi. Looks really neat but I'm sure it's hard to get to being as good as the video posted.

Kay | Print Calendars said...

I am not really a game addict but I do love my DSi, and I've been wanting to record a song and a video using it. But I don't know how to, maybe I should explore my DSi more.

Brian said...

Where can you get this free app, Flipnote Studio? Do you have to have WiFi on your Nintendo DS?

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