Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DS and PSP Fanboy No More

As you may have noticed, I missed posting yesterday. Blame it to my broken internets. Anyway, I know I have a lot of catching up to do that's why I logged in early and checked my Google Reader. Imagine my surprise when I checked and saw that my feeds for DSFanboy and PSPFanboy were transformed!

Apparently, all the "Fanboy" sites owned by joystiq are no more. All Nintendo news and bits can be found at and for the Playstation. Right now my feeds contain a jumble of stuff, including Wii and PS3 news.

The reason I subscribed to DS and PSP Fanboy is because I want handheld gaming news. Nothing more. So this is definitely not according to my liking. What's your opinion about the "Fanboys" moving?


Don said...

"What's your opinion about the "Fanboys" moving?"

I don't like it. I agree, I want handheld news when I go to handheld sites. I liked Nintendo Wii Fanboy too, and I own a DS Lite... but I actually liked having the separate "Fanboy" sites for them.

At least the old URLs go to their filters each section, so it's *almost* like it was. Not quite as good though.

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