Monday, November 3, 2008

DSi: Homebrewproof!

As of the moment, that is. Reports are abound that the recently released Nintendo DSi is not accepting slot-1 carts made for homebrew stuff. A member of did a test with ten homebrew carts and all resulted to failure.

Here's a list of non-DSi-compatible homebrew carts:
  1. R4DS
  2. EZ Flash V
  3. CycloDS
  4. G6 DS Real
  5. M3 DS Real
  6. Supercard DS One
  7. iTouch DS
  8. FCard
  9. NCard
  10. M3 DS Simply
  11. U2DS
I'm a big fan of the homebrew community, and this is definitely a turn-off for me. I would like to be able to play around with a DSi the same as the DS Lite. Hopefully this is just temporary (I'm sure it is!).


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