Friday, November 14, 2008

Handheld Gamers Prefer to Play at Home

A new research done by the NPD Group revealed gaming habits by handheld gamers. Most shocking of all, it turns out that 79% of the research participants says that they use their handheld device more often at their homes.

Here's a brief look at other tidbits from the research:

PSP Gamers
  • Most used feature is gameplay.
  • Only one third  uses their PSP to watch movies and listen to music.
DS Gamers
  • 92% prefers to play by themselves.
  • An average DS gamer spends 4.6 / week playing games alone.
Read more about it here.


GAMING★R★US said...

i agree playing at home is really fun

Allen - Silkenhut said...

LoL. I play everywhere as long as I am not doing anything. My PSP is already one of the necessity things I bring when I'm not at home :)

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