Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free Short Films for PSP, PS3 Owners

Shoot! is a project by SCEE that will allow PSP and PS3 owners to download six short films for free. The shorts are directed by well-established director plus a rookie director.

The films, which will be in High Def, are themed PlayStation: Play, Create, Share, Connect, Discover and Challenge. They will be available free for download on EU's PS Store on November 13.

Here's a quick list of the short films and directors:
  1. Bitter - Joel Wilson and Jamie Campbell
  2. Citizen Hero - Christophe Perie
  3. Prison Food - Uwe Flade
  4. Hands - Xavi Jose
  5. 8.3 Minutes - Klaus Thymann
  6. The Dreaming - Anthony Green


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