Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun with KORG DS-10

I drained my Nintendo DS Lite's batteries when I first got my hand on KORG DS-10. It was hours of fun and I managed to get about 20 seconds of good beats in.

KORG DS-10 is another non-game game for the DS Lite. It was released July 2008 in Japan, October 2008 in Europe, and November 2008 in the US. Basically, it's a KORG MS-10 synthesizer emulator. If you've never handled a KORG before, don't fret. As soon as you know what goes where, you can produce your own beats easily as well. Whether it's good or bad music is up to you.

Here's a couple of KORG DS-10 music I found on YouTube. Envy.

A demo of sorts, lets you watch while the beat is being made.

Snake Man's theme from the Megaman series. Wait until 1 minute in to hear the KORG version.

Do you have any beats you want to share?


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